What is the Purpose of Law and Its Functions in Society?

The ultimate aim and purpose of law is to establish justice. This justice is usually manifested in a court of law and is carried out by judges, juries, lawyers and other professionals who participate in cases involving individuals or groups of people. It is also manifested in political institutions such as government, which is required by the constitution of each country to take action against those who commit crimes. This form of justice is not only found in the legal sphere but also manifests itself in economic activities. Economic crimes are those which are committed deliberately with the intention of destroying the property of others, especially the natural resources of countries.

The question ‘what is the purpose of law and its functions in society?’ may sometimes raise doubts and people may not understand the relevance of this query. But this is an unfortunate state of affairs as understanding the essence of laws will help one understand why it is important to have laws and how they benefit us. For instance, when you go to your office to report for work, you are asked to show your ID and come with a list of your duties and responsibilities. There are chances that you might face some sort of harassment there, based on your gender, race, color, origin, education, status or religion.

Why then does a country need a legal system? Without a legal system, the state could not administer justice efficiently. It has been observed that if we analyze the different purposes of law we find that it primarily aims at maintaining social peace and order. In a country where there is conflict, sometimes the people are not satisfied with the services of the state and they want to have justice according to their own will. This is what is the purpose of law and its functions in a civilized society.

In today’s world, all over the world, different cultures are living together peacefully without any conflicts. This is the reason why the country’s government is providing various kinds of services for its people. However, there are still those who are having different opinions about what is the function of law in a society. Some people believe that the law should ensure justice and equality, and some others believe that the law should protect the weak from the strong.

Despite the different beliefs held by people regarding what is the purpose of law and its purposes in society, the system continues to operate. The law exists to defend people from unjust acts committed in the name of one government or another. The law also exists to protect property and promote economic growth. In addition, the law provides security to a society by ensuring safety and protection to its citizens.

The question “what is the purpose of law and its functions in society?” is still up in the air. While some people might have different opinions on the purpose of law, the fact remains that the law exists to serve many purposes. Each of these purposes may differ from each other, but they all serve to promote justice and security to a society. As long as the system exists, people can expect the law to protect them against unjust acts and to promote equality and safety.