What is General Law?

General Law is an executive education course offered by many reputed and prestigious institutions in India. It is basically a course which deals with various general laws, rules and regulation that are followed and applied by individuals in the society. This general law course is mainly originated to give justice to the people through a common law basis. The major activities included in this course are community development activities, social welfare programs, legal education, labor laws etc. This course also emphasizes on the importance of representative government, economic development and social progress.

What is general law

A student opting for a degree in General Law must complete two years of undergraduate study at an institution that offers a comprehensive curriculum with specialization in any of the branches of General Law. In addition to this a post graduate associate (L.P) degree must also be obtained from an institution offering a full-time program in Criminal Justice. After completion of these two years L.P. graduates can apply for jobs as assistant professors in any university or law school in India or abroad. These jobs are available not only in criminal law, but also in civil law, family law, labor law etc.

The institutions that offer a complete curriculum in general law have various career options open to students interested in pursuing a career as an assistant professor, associate, professional or even as a full time or part time L.P. degree holder. Job opportunities are not restricted to a specific area of specialization. Students interested in specializing in labor law, sexual harassment, workplace violence or even property law can find a good job opportunity in India’s most competitive regions. In order to get into one of these highly competitive fields, a prospective graduate needs to possess certain skills required by top recruiters.

In the course of their study, students also gain knowledge of other subjects like government, labor law, corporate law and family law among others. These subjects enhance the students understanding of Indian Constitution, labor laws, common law and family related issues. Since India has many of the world’s top colleges, most of these colleges also conduct an entrance exam for prospective students. Candidates who successfully clear this exam usually get a invite to join the faculty of the college of their choice.

If you are looking to join a reputed corporate law firm or a top government office, your chances of finding a job increase manifold if you are able to pass the national Bar Examination. The examination is conducted under the supervision of National Bar Association (NBA) and it is designed to test the candidates ability to practice as a lawyer in the different fields of expertise. The test comprises of three parts; (a) theory section, (b) practical section and (c) judgment section. If you successfully pass the exam you will be entitled to become a practicing lawyer and enjoy the fruits of your labor by becoming a member of any of the 100 legal societies in United Kingdom.

There are many other universities and colleges in India that offer specialization in different areas of specialization and if you are looking for a career in a specific field, you can get admission in such a law school. However, getting admission in a reputed law school is not a piece of cake. Almost every law school in India requires entrance exam, which is known as Bar Examination. Almost all big law firms prefer recruiting candidate who has cleared the entrance exam of this college with a perfect score in every subject. Every law school has its unique procedure to determine the outcome of the examination.